Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BF2142 - The Future of Combat is Orwellian

So, by now everybody has heard about the Spyware in Battlefield 2142. I, naturally, disapprove. However, my ire on this matter is tempered by the fact that there hasn't been a Battlefield game worth buying since the first one, and half of that was because of the pillar of awesomeness that is the Desert Combat mod.

Don't worry, folks... I'm sure the pirate, cracked version that has most likely already hit your favorite torrent site has also neutered the spyware. If not, well, give BF2142 a pass and maybe try Starwars Battlefront 2 instead.

Last thing I need on my box is another piece of poorly programmed marketing-maggot software bogging down my performance and causing other issues... that's really the biggest problem I have with spyware. Sure, the fact that it watches me and reports what I do irks me as well, but what really frosts my tuchis is the performance hit. Anyway, I digress.

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