Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So where have I been?

No, this blog isn't "falling by the wayside" for me. I've just been busy. Oh, I've still been gaming, too, but nothing really new... because there's really not been all that much new come out recently that was WORTH playing. I will, of course, update my faithful (imaginary) readers as soon as there are.

Maybe I should go down the list of what I passed on and why...
Eh, forget it. I'm too busy at work these days... but it pretty much can be summed up in two words:
I mean, Dubbleyou Tee Eff? We need another goddamn tycoon game? And running a coffee shop. Could we be milking this franchise ANY HARDER?? I haven't seen a dead horse this savagely beaten since Madden. It's disgustipating.
Anyway, I'm busy. A radio station doesn't keep ITSELF from burning down and exploding.

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PPMcBiggs said...

Come on now, managing a virtual starbucks is a very common desire these days. I know in between games of BF1942 and UT2004 I like to unwind and I cant think of a better way.