Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WoW:BC Launch Surprisingly Smooth

I must say, that I was pleasantly surprised by how (technically-wise) smooth the first day of Burning Crusade's launch was.

I have to be honest, I expected to patch for hours. I expected servers to be down, then up for a few minutes to come right back down again for another patch. I expected the expansion newbie zones to be clogged to unplayability...

Well, ok, that last one was nearly true, but as for the rest of it, smooth and slick as snot on a doorknob. Gotta give Blizzard the kudos for that... and up till now they've been seriously deficient in the kudos department.

Well, at any rate, there are a bajillion blood-elf noobers now unleashed upon Azeroth, and I'm one of them. And believe you me, being in a situation much like the one on the right did not do much for people's goodwill toward eachother. But, fortunately I got off early from work yesterday (bad, bad weather in Texas, as I'm sure you've heard), so I had a head start on most of the churning masses. So I made it to level 9 last evening.

So far, it looks good.

I just wish I was actually able to LOG IN to my level 50+ characters over on silver hand so I could see the other side of the dark portal... but that server is... well, reference the above picture AGAIN.

More to come when I experience more...

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