Friday, March 02, 2007

Warhammer 40k MMO

THQ has announced that they are making a MMO based on Warhammer 40k. This is very exciting news.

Although it won't be Relic (the dev house that made Dawn of War) doing the grunt work, THQ has nevertheless done well with the license. The genre was really aching for a good sci-fi MMO, as all the ones thus far have been rather lackluster at best and catastrophically unplayable at worst.

Granted, there are some issues that no doubt will need to be hammered out. For instance, I am not sure of a good paradigm to make the Imperial Guard work as a playable faction, as their balance comes from cheap and expendable units that mass in large numbers... and nobody wants to be a zergling. Perhaps "Commissar" or "Priest" could be the playable character, and inherent to the class will be the ability to have guardsmen "pets" to command, much like the Mastermind archetype in City of Villains.

And the necrons, I'm sure, will have to be NPCs.. they're just so non-growth oriented and, frankly, unbalanced.

But probably the biggest issue that will need to be addressed is that, aside from the Eldar, there are no boobies. None.

This is a problem.

Every successful MMO to date had to have teh hawt boobz. Currently, Warhammer 40k is largely devoid of estrogen, though until now this has not been a liability.

However, if there's one thing that Warcraft's translation from RTS to MMO has shown, it's that you can go ahead and inject the boobies, and pretend they were just always part of the canon, and it will all work out.

I wonder if a female space marine will look too much like Samus Aran...?


Thomas said...

No need to worry about female Space Marines, as there are none.

Gas Bandit said...

Well, as I said, if there's anything WoW has taught us, there's either hawt boobz in a faction, or nobody plays them.

And if there are no female Space Marines, what is this?

TJ said...

You're obviously a retard. GW has several officially that there will never be female SMs. The Sisters of Battle exist for a reason.

TJ said...

officially written comments*