Friday, October 26, 2007

EA Mythic Layoffs

I knew it. I knew it all so long ago. I called it, didn't I? Didn't I?! DIDN'T I?! Yes, I did.

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EA has announced they need to cut costs, so a bunch of the poor SOBs over at Mythic (and some working on UO... I didn't even know they still had people working on UO) are bearing the brunt of it in the form of layoffs.

The email from Mythic VP Rob Denton was sent to all employees of Mythic and details some of the plans to reduce costs by cutting jobs as well as some actions already taken. Headcount will be managed through "attrition, performance management, stricter hiring guidelines and layoffs". Over the next two months, the Ultima Online team will be moving from EA Redwood Shores to Mythic's Fairfax, VA studio to streamline operations. Meanwhile, a number of employees at both studios have already been let go as of earlier today including many UO staffers, with more to follow as EA tightens its belt in the coming months.
Circling the drain, folks... circling the drain. EA destroys another (couple) of good games, and another good game company. Sometimes I wish they'd do the gaming world a favor and shoot themselves into space.

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