Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Zero Punctuation Reviews - Guitar Hero 3


Anonymous said...

One of the more entertaining reviews to date.

While my FoF addiction has only slightly abated in recent weeks (fuck you PPMcBiggs for introducing me to that frustrating piece of keyboard destroying shit), I'm still interested in hearing about the reviews of the 'original'.

PPMcBiggs said...

If FoF is giving you trouble, you probably dont have the right mods.

You need to go here:

download RF-Mod. It is a standalone install. Just unzip it and move you songs over to it. Then get C-Mod. It installs on top of RF-Mod.

These make the game so much better. The notes make more sense and it cleans up alot of the "tolerance stacking" that comes with stock FoF.

If you still suck after this, sell your gear.

PPMcBiggs said...

Oh yeah, forgot. You need to get a guitar. There are so many bad keyboards out there it is shocking. I couldnt do anything past regular or whatever without it. You need to be able to hit more than three keys at a time. Get a guitar.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps at some point I'll get the guitar, although last time I was down there it appeared the guitar suffered some similar 'keyboard impacts', so the frustration factor is apparently going to be rampant.

I'm not sure I'll EVER make it to 5 fricking keys...