Monday, February 04, 2008

MMO Gold Trading a Sign of Suckage

Found this one off Kotaku. Article

"To be honest, I think instead of real-world trading, games have to be designed in a way that they provide enough fun while you are getting somewhere; if I am incapable of providing you with enough fun while you collect that 1000 gold for a steed, then the game is not good enough," concluded Jele.

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Dimento Graven said...

Yeah, it's kind of interesting how another game handles it, Dungeon Runners.

In that game, you can't even trade gold that I am aware of. It's very intersted to watch the universal chat and seeing all the "bloken engrish" basically asking how one would go about trading gold and items in the game, and seeing their frustration when they learn that it's not possible to trade gold in the game.

It's a cute game, free for the most part (you pay 5 bucks a month if you want access to the "special" items, "enhanced" potions, and additional bank inventory pages), other than the death penalty being being forced to watch the same damn commercials over and over.

I think it'd end up rating a C or D on the gas meter though because once you get upwards of level 30 or 40, other than reading the quest story lines (which can be quite hilarious), the game is:

1. Get quest(s).
2. Go to specified randomly generated dungeon, crawl it until quest(s) are completed.
3. Go back to quest(s) giver(s) and get another/more quest(s)
ad nauseum

Another thing they do is randomly as you play you can run into "Rainbow Sally" and "Rainbow Sam" who are merchants that will allow you to spend gold or King's Coins (coins that are commonly given for rewards of the quests you complete) on the "special items" (non-paying players only have about a 25% chance of getting an item that isn't "members only") again probably another effector of the kabosh on Asian gold/item trading in the game.

Anyway, check it out GB, give us a review on your thoughts on Dungeon Runner.