Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Audio-surf - I've been dethroned

Here's an interesting little fact of which I was completely unaware until last night: If you get the highest score on a given song on Audio-surf, and then later somebody beats you, it e-mails you to let you know (and apparently there IS a way to view high scores online). In my case, for a brief couple weeks I held top position on the pro level difficulty of "Dragostea din Tei" by Ozone (which some of you might know as the "Numa Numa" song. And I came by it honestly, using Mono Pro and getting both the "didn't hit any greys" bonus and the "clear board at end of level" bonus... but as is too often the case in this game, some schmendrick playing as Double Vision Pro usurped my title. It is uniformly the case that the highest scores are usually claimed by someone playing double vision. That's because, if you ask me, the game is frankly easier and the score potential much higher when playing double vision, especially if you get a friend to help you to be "player 2" so to speak. It's cheap, and it should not be scored on the scale as the other, harder characters... perhaps score should be cut in half, since there are two "players" on the level. Grumble, grumble.

ozone: dragostea din tei

Name Score Character
GasBandit55163Mono Pro
RE9153831Mono Pro
Death64`48517Mono Pro
Cynic46948Mono Pro
LungZ0r37674Mono Pro
Yeggstry37612Mono Pro
tl15434448Mono Pro
YraelAngainor32936Mono Pro

At any rate, I refuse to cheapen my high score by playing double vision pro just to reclaim the top spot, since doing so would erase my mono pro score... I'll maintain my dignity, and the list will show that I have the highest "real" high score... at least until nine other goombahs playing as DVP easymode their way above me.


Thomas said...

Oddly my friend and I are the ones who dethroned you. I think we have since be dethroned ourselves. Yeah we didn't do it to bother you. We were actually just messing around because I got my Gamepad working and he clicked on that song as a joke. No hard feelings?

Gas Bandit said...

Ha! You have made a powerful and fearsome enemy this day, thomas! I swear that my vengeance against you shall not be swift or clamitous! I shall instead draw it out over years in such a subtle fashion that you will be forced to wonder whether the misery in your life is manifest, or the machinations of Gas Bandit, or... or a third thing!

Heh, seriously though, yeah, I haven't played in months and we both got beat by some guy playing Pusher so there's nothing left to it.. can't even gripe about it being a 2-player advantage :P