Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't Hire Your Family to Voice Over Your Video Game

Source (via BluesNews)

Oh good golly. This voice acting is the worst I've heard since Knights of Xentar, and at least that had an excuse because it was a basic RPG wrapped around a hentai slideshow.

But this..

A quick read of the game’s manual shows that the voice acting is credited to Quest Jelinek and Tyler Jelinek, with special thanks to Kay Jelinek and Lee Jelinek. Interesting to say the least.

Even though O~3 isn’t a powerhouse of a publisher they still could have hired some professionals, or even semi-professional at scale. I know I sure was available for the gig. But Mr. Jelinek either decided to hire his voice talent based solely off the criterion that they have the same last name as himself, or he just raided his own living room and got his family to do it.


DimentoGraven said...

That's a giant WTF WAS THAT SHIT!?!?

Holy fucking shit, not ONE sentance tied into the previous sentance, nor the sentance after...

It's like someone chopped up a shitload of paragraphs and randomly spliced them together.

I was too stunned by the shitty writing to even give a fuck about the lame voice acting.

What fucking game was that again? If I see it in GameStop it's going to get accidentally broken to save some poor soul from having to bleed from their ears and eyes...

Gas Bandit said...

It's called Chaos Wars for the PS2... and yeah, obviously something was lost in the translation as well, but you can blame the same people who hired the voice actors for that, I suppose.

DimentoGraven said...

No, I can't just blame them... Shit man, I'm a better voice actor than all of them combined and squared, and with ME reading the damn text alound with the audio muted, it STILL didn't make ANY fucking sense at all.

Just because you can 'write' a video game, doesn't mean you can 'write' dialog.

That shit sucked tremendously.