Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NVIDIA Drivers & UT3 PhysX Pack

From Bluesnews.com -

NVIDIA's Force Within Downloads Page now offers the promised release of their PhysX GeForce "power pack" for Unreal Tournament 3 along with the nver version 177.83 GeForce graphics drivers that enable PhysX physics processing on 8-series and later GPUs. The bundle includes the new graphiucs derivers, the UT3 PhysX mod, a 30-day trial of a Badaboom video transcoding beta, the full version of Warmonger, The Great Kulu tech demo, a fluids tech demo, sneak peak demos for the Nurien social networking program and a first-person shooter called Metal Knight Zero, and a folding@home client. Here's word on the PhysX pack for UT3:

Owners of a NVIDIA® GeForce® 8 series or later graphics card with a full version of Unreal Tournament 3 have the unique opportunity to tear up additional levels of Unreal Tournament 3 through some exclusive NVIDIA® PhysX™ technology features. The PhysX Mod offers three new levels of environmental destruction including destructible walls, floors, walkways, rooftops and new weapons. New levels include: Heat Ray, Lighthouse & Tornado The UT3 PhysX Mod Pack requires a full version of Unreal Tournament 3 - It is not a stand-alone title. Make sure to enable "Hardware Physics" under Video Settings in the UT3 settings.

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