Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes, I Know I Suck

So I haven't written a review in quite some times. The ZP updates are stacking up. Here's why -

First and foremost, I'm still having too much fun in Warhammer Online to stop to play something else.

Second, ZP keeps beating me to the punch >_<

Thirdly, it's the holiday season and between travel and sickness my free time's gotten pretty... not free.

Seriously, I actually have managed to take a look at the odd other game (such as Fallout 3 and Call of Duty: World at War), but somehow the spirit just doesn't move when it's time to put pen to metaphorical paper. I have other games stacked up ready to go for review, but as I mentioned my ability to churn through them is a little choked right now.

But I do intend to do something about it. At some point.


DimentoGraven said...

You suck, and why do the ZP reviews not work for me from your page?


Gas Bandit said...

It just does that from time to time... it's something that screws up over at escapist magazine from time to time, and the embeds just stop working for some wierd reason. They'll start again in a day or two usually.

DimentoGraven said...

Been like this for a month or so dude.