Monday, January 30, 2012

Finally, You Will Get Your Chance To Kill Fippy Darkpaw

Finally, You Will Get Your Chance To Kill Fippy Darkpaw:

I claim EQ in the name of the GNOLLS

Everquest 1 going free-to-play.

With the announcement, the frozen-in-amber separate EQMac server is also going away, which disappointed the people who preferred EQ frozen in amber.




Dimento Graven said...

Hooray! An update!

Dimento Graven said...

Oh, but I have given up on EQ for ever. Now I only play Wizard101.

It's a 'family' oriented game and the producers have not yet become Nazi's.

From my days playing EQ, I can recall I was quite sick of the SOE's gestapo, that and all the mother fucking griefing pieces of shit out there.

In Wizard101 it's extremely difficut to grief anyone and language filters are more than adequate to keep my kid from having to deal with out rageous outbursts of cursing and swearing... Even from me.

It's a cute game, able to keep the pre-teen crowd quite occupied, but us older players who cut our teeth on EQ, WoW, AC, etc., well it's a bit simplistic and you run out of content REAL quick.

But given that its full content prices is half that of EQ's... Not totally unexpected either.