Sunday, November 05, 2006

Optimus Prime in City of Villains

Apparently, on the test server, a very familiar looking (at least to those of us who were kids in the 80's) red semi with a silver/blue trailer was spotted in sharkhead isle. Hope it goes live.

Pictures here.


Self-Appointed EQ Curmudgeon said...

All I can say is that I hate the Transformers. I hate the idea of a Transformers movie. I hated the cartoon, and all I can say is when I saw the Cartoon Networks, Adult Swim, Robot Chicken episode where Optimus Prime got prostate cancer and died, I cheered!

Only later to have my joy smashed upon the rocks of cruel irony when it ended up that it was only a mock "informative episode" about having your prostate checked regularly, and that autobots don't have prostates.

... Goddamn transforming devil cars ...

Gas Bandit said...

Well, we can all hate the new transformers movie, but you hated them back in the 80s too? YOU, sir, are the devil... not the beloved robots :P