Sunday, November 05, 2006

Review: Sid Meier's Railroads!

Everybody has a little squirt inside them that loves to play with toy trains... and that's why Sid Meier's train games keep selling. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the latest entry into that foray is graphically appealing and immersive.

I wasn't one of the folks who was absolutely enamored with Railroad Tycoon. Long story short on Railroads! however, is it's a fun, solid title... if it would just maybe not crash so much (the program, not the trains).

The gameplay is smooth, although there's a bit of a fierce learning curve. The first few times you play you will end up with all your locomotives staring angrily into eachother's headlamps, each refusing to budge to let the other pass on the track. But once you get the hang of setting up multiple tracks and laying down crossover points every so often on them, that problem largely goes away.

The game comes with many scenarios and they're all fun to play with. It also has a multiplayer mode I haven't really experimented with yet.

It would be the textbook example of a perfect release if not for the fact that it crashes on me at least once an hour, once the game really gets going into heavily congested parts of the game (IE, the last couple decades before you win). That gets very frustrating.

But, so long as you remember to save often, it's a solid title worth adding to your library. Get it for your Dad, he loves trains, right? Rating: A-.

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