Monday, April 16, 2007

Command & Conquer 3: Post Mortem

So, I'm done with C&C 3. Uninstalled it yesterday. It's no one specific thing really, it's just that I feel like I've experienced everything it had to offer.

The updated graphics and stellar UI was really all this game had going for it (well, and the cut scene FMVs, for those who like those). The Campaigns were overscripted and full of "surprise, sucker!" moments. It is completely unsuitable for multiplayer due to imbalances between the 3 factions and the overall brokenness of the gather/build paradigm employed by the game.

It boils down to this: If you're GDI, scramble for resources ASAP, get the railgun upgrade and just churn out mammoth tanks as fast as you can, sending them into enemy bases in batches of 5. And that's the hardest faction to play. It's slightly easier for Nod, especially against computer players. Nod merely needs to build extra harvesters (they have stealth, so they can just roam), stealth the base, research the laser capacitors, build 2 airfields and build an overwhelming number of venom craft (about 40-60), game over. The Scrin aliens? Easiest of all. Even the mammoth tanks and infinite venoms fall before the unstoppable force that is a half-dozen air carriers. They each carry 8 little fighters, can have shields, can attack both air and ground, and can heal themselves with ion storm? In whose mind was this balanced?

So, I played through and am done with it. Went back to Generals: Zero Hour, the balance is much better... but I do miss 3's UI. If Zero Hour had 3's console, it'd be awesome beyond belief.

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