Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Alone In The Dark

I find this interview to be encouraging. I like what the guy has to say, and the ideas that they have. I like that they're not doing an exact remake of the original game, but still trying to keep the style and feeling of it while doing what the real big selling point of the original AITD was: innovation.

Alone in the Dark was the first survival horror game, and one of the first 3 dimensional games as well. It was steeped in Lovecraft and C'thulu, and could make you scared without relying on the Doom 3 crutch (IE, not so much scaring you as startling you because the only way Doom 3 knew how to be scary was to make everything pitch black and have things jump out at you from the darkness).

This is definitely one I think I'll be checking out.

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