Thursday, November 08, 2007

NCSoft Buys Out Cryptic (City of Heroes)

What exactly this means for the game, I can't say. Apparently there was a level of separation between NCSoft and Cryptic studios, but now it's gone. NC has bought them (and the CoH IP) out, and renamed them "NCSoft NorCal," which reminds me of when Condor was bought out by Blizzard Entertainment and named them "Blizzard North," right before Condor released Diablo.

Makes me wonder if City of Heroes 2 is about to come out or something.

Apparently, after issue 11, they're going to also give full access to "both sides" of City of (whatever) to people who only bought one side previously, wiping away all accrued experience debt, and giving all supergroups 20,000 prestige per member.