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Warhammer Online Newsletter 24

They even try to tell us all is well and nobody important got laid off.

In 2005, when Mythic signed the licensing agreement for Warhammer, I promised Games Workshop that we would create a great and glorious game. When Electronic Arts acquired us a year later, I told them the same thing. Now, a year after that acquisition, nothing has changed: we still intend to deliver the next great MMORPG. As many of you may have heard, we have extended WAR’s development cycle until the 2nd quarter of 2008. The reason is simple; we will not release Warhammer Online until it is the game we set out to create two years ago.

Our goals for Warhammer Online are not easily met. The game includes many new and innovative ideas, a feature set that is going to blow players away, and, most importantly, the best RvR system in MMORPG gaming. These things take time to implement and test properly. During the last phase of beta testing, we received valuable feedback from our testers that will help make these features even better. When we looked at our options, two paths lay before us: 1) Ship the game on time with fewer features and less polish, or 2) Extend the development cycle and spend the needed time and money to make WAR great. We chose the latter path - to invest additional time and effort in implementation and polish to make WAR great. Fortunately, we have the resources and support of EA behind us to extend our development cycle; time that will be used to make sure the game is everything we want it to be. WAR is coming, and it will be glorious.

One of the “popular” topics of discussion regarding EA Mythic this past week has been the subject of layoffs within the studio. While we did let several people go from the Warhammer Online team, the number was *quite* small and their loss had no impact on our development schedule. These layoffs were part of our normal studio operations and a necessary step for EA Mythic to ensure that we have a focused and committed team working on WAR going forward.

On the Beta front, we will begin a new phase of testing in December, and we look forward to getting even more people involved in WAR by the end of the year. We are approaching a half a million registrants, and, to my knowledge, this could be the most signups ever for a Western MMORPG beta. I am very proud of this as it is a testament to the strength of the community, the popularity of the Warhammer license, and the outstanding work the team at EA Mythic is doing on the game. When we open the beta in Asia, we expect the numbers to continue to climb as we’d like to see one million players signed up to test the game. At that point, we will be well on our way to bringing about the second part of the double entendre of our motto as WAR really will be everywhere.

Over the next few months in Beta, our players will find all-new content to experience, careers to play and cities to siege. Our Capital City team continues to push the envelope by creating the next generation of living cities in MMORPGs and Altdorf is simply breathtaking. New Community systems will be in place and we look forward to getting many existing guilds into the beta to try them out.

In addition, we’ll be making changes to the RvR (open field RvR FTW!) and Server Rule Set Systems. These changes bring WAR a step closer to fulfilling the promise that “War is Everywhere” while ensuring a great play experience for those that do not choose to engage in RvR 24x7. This is another example of how EA Mythic talks to the community, listens to what they have to say, and takes action. We will continue this process over the next three quarters as we continue to develop, expand and improve WAR.

As I often quote from movies, one line particularly leaps to mind right now: “Creation is an act of sheer will,” said John Hammond in Jurassic Park. Unlike his creation in that film, however, what EA Mythic creates will be great and glorious, and nobody will get eaten by giant reptiles. That is, until we bring Lustria to life and then all bets are off.

As always, we thank you for your patronage, support and interest.

Mark Jacobs
VP and General Manager, EA Mythic

It is hard to believe, but this month we celebrate two years of publishing the Warhammer Online Monthly Newsletter. For 24 issues, we have been bringing you breaking news, exclusive information, stunning artwork, informative podcasts, and so much more about the development of WAR. It has been a lot of work, but never have we had so much fun.

(Ok, that last bit may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but this is a major milestone and we are excited to celebrate it with you!)

The magic of this newsletter is that it has done more than just share information about a game; it has helped bring together a thriving global community with a shared interest in MMO’s and Warhammer.

Each month, more than half a million people around the world look forward to receiving the newsletter, learning something new about Warhammer Online, and discussing it with their friends. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued readership, for passing this newsletter along to others, and for your support over the past two years!

We would also like to thank everyone at EA Mythic for their help in putting the newsletter together every month. We could not do this without the continued support of the development team.

In the coming years, we remain committed to being the first place to find the latest news and information about the state of WAR. This is a community newsletter and the community comes first.

The High Elf Shadow Warrior

When Nagarythe was riven by civil war, most of the Elves there sided with the Witch King, becoming Dark Elves. Those faithful to the Phoenix King swore to fight Malekith and his treacherous forces. These ill-fated Elves became the Shadow Warriors – the darkest, most sinister and brutal of all the High Elves.

Many High Elves have observed the brutal behavior of their kin from Nagarythe and recoiled in horror. Unsurprisingly, there are High Elves that whisper that the shadow war has left the vicious warriors of Nargarythe more like their Druchii enemies than they would dare admit.

- Warhammer Armies: High Elves

Watch the exclusive video introduction of the Shadow Warrior and stay tuned for more career information in future newsletters.

“Enlightenment is achieved by mastering not only the body, but the soul. Only then can a warrior truly understand the value of life, and why it should be protected at all costs.”

- Belannaer of Hoeth, Bladelord of the White Tower

Read more about the Swordmaster >>

All players begin WAR as part of an army, but they are not your everyday, rank-and-file grunts. No, each player is part of an elite fighting force that will play a significant role in their race’s ongoing war efforts.

The Shining Guard

The Shining Guard is the elite band of warriors charged with the defense of Ulthuan when the Phoenix King takes the armies of the High Elves west to aid the Empire. Led by the renowned warrior Prince Tyrion, the Guard is a small but highly skillful fighting force. Prince Tyrion personally selects the High Elves who are elevated to the ranks of the Shining Guard from among the best and bravest of the citizen militia. These prestigious warriors stand as an example of the highest honor that a High Elf in the militia can hope to achieve.

High Elf Shining Guard NPC’s

Read more about the Shining Guard >>

A rugged region of green hills that rise to meet the piney slopes of the Annulii Mountains, Chrace provides its defenders with many advantages. As they draw nearer to the mountains, the Dark Elves will find the steep and rocky terrain increasingly difficult to navigate. The province is littered with forts and hidden redoubts from which the High Elves can launch harassing actions and stage ambushes.

Chrace is also home to many fierce creatures that will savagely attack the invaders on sight. The king of these beasts is the mighty White Lion, a strong and savage predator who has prowled the mountain slopes since before the Sundering. The White Lion is a proud symbol not only of the province, but also its most storied regiment, the White Lions of Chrace.

Read More About Chrace >>

High Elf Great Swords

High Elf Shields

Warhammer Online Podcasts are now available on iTunes! Subscribe today!

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This month we journey to the wonderfully gothic city of Prague in the Czech Republic to witness the aural wonders of the Prague Symphony Orchestra as they record the score for Warhammer Online. Sound Designer, Brad Derrick, shares his experience as the orchestra transforms a musical piece that he wrote on a keyboard in his car into a game soundtrack masterpiece.

Each newsletter, the Video of the Month brings you a fresh, new look at WAR in action! These videos are not highly polished marketing trailers, but clips of raw game footage showcasing many of the cool features of WAR.

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Will you someday be defending this grand place or attempting to raze it to the ground? This month we take a look at the development of the capital city of Altdorf, including some early glimpses of the city under siege!

Join Creative Director, Paul Barnett, and his trusty video phone for a truly unique look at the making of WAR. This month, Paul makes up for the lack of videos last month with some juicy looks at the Chaos leader, the Great Unclean One, unicorn love, Swordmaster balancing acts, and a look at where UI design really begins.

View the Video Blog >>

Greed? Revenge? Justice? What motivates a man to take reign of his own destiny, throw off the shackles of everyday life, and aspire to the heroic?

There are a million stories in the Age of Reckoning just waiting to be told. What is your tale?

Read This Month's Beta Journal Entry >>

We have recently completed the second phase of our closed beta and the servers are currently down while the team works to address the great feedback we have received. However, the beta will begin again in early December and now is the time to sign up if you’d like to take part in one of the largest beta tests ever for an MMORPG. We are always looking for new recruits so sharpen your sword, unleash your inner mutation, and prepare to meet your destiny on the battlefields of Warhammer Online.

Sign up for the WAR Beta at:

WAR is coming! Are you ready?

New WAAAGH! Shirts Just Added!

WAR is coming! Are you properly dressed?

Now you can show the world that you are ready for WAR with these exclusive t-shirts and hats available only at the EA Mythic Store.* Supplies are limited so order now and start your WAR collection today!

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The 2007 Road Show is coming to an end and there is only one stop left before we pack up for the year! This is your last chance to go head-to-head with other attendees in an RvR Scenario, to join the army of your choice for some exciting PvE action, and to see for yourself that war really is everywhere!

- D3 Copenhagen 2007 / Nov 16-18

Event Coverage

Festival de Jeu

Games Day UK

Feeling creative? We know we have some talented fans out there and now is the time for you to demonstrate your skills. Send us your WAR-inspired art and we’ll showcase the best submissions in upcoming newsletters. Plus, featured artists will be invited to join us in the closed beta test!

Die, chaos spawn!
By Fray

Night Goblins
By Noah Hulsizer

Exalted Daemon of Nurgle
By Matthijs Nikos

By Dzinovic Gordan

Orc Choppa
By Danny Kuang

Raznek Gutcrusha
By Leigh Tomlinson

By Joshua Letson

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Correction: Last month, the fan-submitted image “Dwarf, Ironbreaker” was featured in this section and credited to a reader. In fact, this image was painted by noted artist Howard Lyon ( for Wizards of the Coast.


Have a knack for creative writing or a story you are dying to tell? We are looking to “publish” the best WAR-inspired fan fiction written by our readers. We will choose our favorites and feature them in upcoming newsletters. Plus, featured writers will be invited to join us in the closed beta test! Submissions must be no longer than 2000 words.

This Month’s Featured Stories

Orcslayer, Fisttie
The Ballad of Dark Nights and Painful Memories, C. Cannon

Tainted, Havoc
Night Upon a Hill Off Yonder, L. Ross

The Legends and Lore section of the WAR Herald is only as good as the community can make it! Check out the stories from the Armies of Order and Destruction, and let us know how many mugs of ale each tale is worth. (Votes do not immediately display.) Think you can do better? Submit your own!

Submit your WAR Story >>

Welcome to the WAR Grab Bag, where our friendly neighborhood community team answers the most pressing, the most popular, and the most interesting questions from fans. Keep those questions coming, as we’re eager to hear what you have to say!

Check out this month’s Grab Bag >>

Send us your questions about the game >>

"It took me a long time to fully appreciate all that Warhammer has to offer. Initially I was skeptical about working on a licensed game, but Warhammer is a gaming license at heart, which has made the transition to an MMO a natural one. In addition, you’d be hard pressed to find a more bottomless mine of great ideas. Warhammer’s 25 year existence has grown some really wonderful worlds, characters, and stories, all designed to work well in a game."

Developer Profile >>

"The coolest thing about Warhammer is the fighting of course! I hope that we can bring the hatred that the races have for each other to light. I would like for our players to become so immersed in the conflict that everyday events stir memories of battles."

Developer Profile >>

The WAR Beta may be closed until December but there is still chance to get in when it reopens with all new content and RvR mayhem! Each month we'll randomly select 20 names from the newsletter subscriber database for entry into the Beta Test.* If you are a current Warhammer newsletter subscriber, then you're automatically entered into the drawing every month. If you are not yet a newsletter subscriber, visit to register for the Beta and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

October Winners:

D. Hargrave/North America J. Giannikopoulos/Europe
M. Kuehl/North America H. Vartiainen/Europe
J. Hansen/North America W. McGill /Europe
M. Gannon/North America H. Pace/Europe
K. Fetterman/North America T. Parise/Europe
M. Bondura/North America K. Rain/Europe
K. Kinney/North America C. Cook/Europe
P. Levesque/North America M. Watson/Europe
W. Hutchins/New Zealand G. Pacce/South America
J. Christie/Australia C. Jaquet/New Zealand

This month, decorate your desktop with more images of WAR and show your allegiance to the High Elves of Ulthuan.

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Each month we’ll be shining the spotlight on WAR fan sites that exemplify what we consider to be the best in WAR community spirit.

This month Warhammer Alliance had a chance to interview the community team for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and learn more about them and what their role is at EA Mythic.

Can’t get enough Paul Barnett in your life? Love that distinct English accent spouting out over-the-top nonsense, hyperbole, and general Warhammer joy? Well, now you can access his “greatest hits” wherever you may be. Check out the Paul Soundboard at It’s good for about 37 to 48 minutes of fun and frivolity!

Is your fan site doing something cool, informative, or fun? Let us know by sending an email to and you could be featured in the next community spotlight.

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Fan Site kit.

Hour of the Daemon

The gripping conclusion to this rip-roaring fantasy trilogy.

Following their adventures in Night of the Daemon, Alaric and Dietz have one last chance to track down the daemon and destroy it before it materializes and lays waste to the civilized world. This time, their journey takes them into the dark heart of the Grey Mountains, where they must face a savage horde of beastmen and their mutated ruler. Even with the help of their allies, the wood elves, how can our heroes ever hope to triumph against such impossible odds?

You can read a sample chapter of Hour of the Deamon for free on the Black Library website.

Warhammer: Forge of War #5

Cover A

Cover B

Warhammer: Forge of War
#5 (of 5)

Written By
Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton Illustrated by Rahsan Ekedal Colored by Rob Ruffolo

Warhammer: Forge of War features exclusive new screens and artwork from Warhammer Online.

For a special sneak preview of Warhammer: Forge of War #5, click here.

Visit to order, or call 1-800-COMICS to find your nearest comic book shop!

What is going on in this picture? Send us your best caption and we’ll send the winner into the Closed Beta! Please keep your captions clean if you want them to be printed!

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Last Month’s Contest Winner


Gah! Sorry, mate. T'at were serposed to be a "Thicken Armor" rune. I'll fix yer right up.... just as soon as I work out wha' went wrong.


Bob, I told you not to touch the large glowing rune, but no you had to see what would happen.

Go out in the world and meet new people they said. HA!

Zarbix Beardling made his first mistake not asking for a picture on his online dating service.

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D3 Copenhagen 2007
November 16-18, 2007

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about our upcoming 2008 show schedule!

More news and information about the Elves, including:

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