Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crysis 1.1 Patch kinda broken

Word on the street is there's some issues with the 1.1 Patch for Crysis. May want to pay attention to some of the work-arounds if you are patching it.

A day has now passed since the Crysis Patch 1.1 was released. We have seen several postings pop up here on Crymod with members reporting installation problems and general issues with the patch. Crytek and fellow community members have been working hard attempting to find workarounds for these problems, and we’d like to share them with you now.

Patch Problems – Workarounds
If you are suffering from an installation problem with Patch 1.1 or having other unresolved new issues with it, several workarounds have been discovered which can be found here: Crysis Patch 1.1 - Known Issues & Workarounds!. Please read through them and let us know which ones do work and which don't.

Additionally you are welcome to inform us about new workarounds you find for specific problems. We are currently investigating these issues in-house and keep you updated on the status.

Performance Increase Discussion
One of the focusing points of Patch 1.1 was increasing the performance of the game overall. After you have installed the patch, you should see some performance increase.

To aid Crytek in better understanding how this patch has increased performance on multiple machines, we would like to ask the community to consider benchmarking your performance while running Crysis and post the results in our Patch 1.1 Benchmark Results topic.

We have previously reported on an excellent benchmarking tool in an earlier news posting, so if you are in need of one, we suggest checking out this benchmarking tool developed by MadBoris.

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