Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NorthStar Announced

From Bluesnews-

Kerberos Productions announces development of NorthStar, a science fiction RPG set in a different continuity than their Sword of the Stars 4X games. NorthStar is described by Kerberos CEO Martin Cirulis as being "...about putting the rogue back in your wingcommander." A NorthStar Forum is already live to foster discussion of the project, and offers a few details, including word that combat will be more tactical than flight sim (it sounds like ship navigation may be third-person), there will be an emphasis on exploration and trade, cooperative multiplayer support will be offered, and more. Most of what's been revealed about the game is summarized on this page, while this page offers some concept art and the following list of features:

• Countless RPG missions, nested with story-specific missions, that take place on ships, spacestations, planets, and moons! Shoot it out in ship-to-ship combat or shoot it out on the ground as you and your crew try and make a living!

• Faction-based reputation in dealing with various groups expanding throughout the stars, each modeled as the future, fictional version of Earth nations!

• Massive amounts of cargo that the you can trade, sell, or use for yourself, including combining items to produce new items to trade, sell or use! Map new planets in the air and then explore the surface with your crew for your own purposes or to make a little extra cash from land-hungry colonists!

• Dozens of ship classes, each with expandable levels of technology - which are reflected in the ship models, weapons and combat effects. Dozens of weapons and technology players can outfit their ship with in order to fly further, fast, carry more cargo, and protect themselves better!

• And more!

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