Monday, July 02, 2007

Dead Or Alive Coming to PC

Another one from Kotaku today-

Team Ninja's 3D fighter series Dead or Alive is making the jiggly jump from consoles to PCs in the form of Dead or Alive Online scheduled to hit sometime between now and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. DOA Online won't simply be a port of an existing console or arcade release, instead it will be a "completely new game featuring the characteristics of a PC online game" which most likely means it's six different flavors of rotten garbage.

DOA Online will be distributed within China, Hong Kong, and Macao by Shanda, an online entertainment company that specializes in massively multiplayer online and casual games. Development will be handled by the internal Tecmo team LieVo Studio. Virtual panties will be exposed by Kasumi, Tina, Helena, Lei Fang, Christie, Hitomi and Ayane. All involved are thrilled to take part in this profitable venture.

While gameplay details are totally nonexistent, I predict this will turn into a casual, yet (e)xtremely sexy, series of beach-themed games in which great gusts of wind wreak havoc with inappropriately sized and ill-thought outfits.
I'm not sure I share that author's pessimism, I frankly have enjoyed every DOA game thus far released, and am curious to see how this version shakes out.

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