Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Iranians Debut Anti-US PC Game

From over at GamePolitics.com, an Iranian dev house calling itself "The Union of Islamic Student Societies" has published a FPS called "Rescue the Nuke Scientist" (which I am guessing loses something in translation), amid much fanfare, which apparently focuses on some sort of Iranian special-ops mission to rescue a pair husband and wife nuclear scientists, who were taken by US forces while they were making pilgrimage to Iraq, and moved into Israel. The enemy AIs are apparently American and Israeli soldiers.

Mohammad Taqi Fakhrian, a leader of the student group, was in what passes for full game hype mode in Tehran these days: "This is our defense against the enemy’s cultural onslaught. We tried to promote the idea of defense, sacrifice and martyrdom in this game."

Fakhrian said the student group would market the game initially in Iran and other Islamic nations. He told the AP, however, that the group has plans to bring Rescue the Nuke Scientist the Western nations.

Ali Reza Masaeli, who leads the student group, said it took three years to create. The development team was based in Isfahan, a central Iranian city that houses a nuclear site. Said Masaeli: "It is an entirely Iranian product in response to the US cyber war against Iran."
Huh. Political hullaballoo aside, I wonder if it's any good.

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