Sunday, July 08, 2007

Gears of War Coming to PC

Yep. Kotaku has the scoop.

A gameplay montage video of Epic Games' Gears Of War—specifically listed as PC footage—found its way to the internet earlier today, confirming the long-running rumors of a PC port of the million-selling Xbox 360 third-person shooter. That video was quickly pulled, with copies of the clip making their way to YouTube, Google Video and the other usual suspects.

The clip showed some of the PC port's visual improvements and additional content, including new boss fights and new maps. In addition, achievements for the PC version made an appearance, indicating that the game will take advantage of Games For Windows Live service.

Gears of War for the PC was one of Microsoft's worst-kept secrets, with Epic staffer Mark Rein admitting that a Windows port was coming "eventually." That "eventually" looks like it might happening, I'm guessing, next Tuesday night, when Microsoft's E3 press conference goes down.

Let's all hope that Rein stands behind his commitment to keep supporting Windows XP users and that this doesn't become one of those Windows Vista exclusives. Oh, and let's also hope that Xbox 360 owners will see these PC-only additions offered as downloadable content in the near future.

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