Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic-Con Warhammer Online Q&A

A nice and informative Q&A Session from the guys over at MMO Gamer.

Some bits that caught my eye:

One thing we learned from Dark Age of Camelot was that we had a great PvE game and a great RvR game but they weren’t as co-mingled as we wanted. What we’ve done here is that everything you are doing supports the war in some fashion.

Each zone has a PvP enabled section to it. If you don’t want to go in there, then you’re safe. It’s voluntary. You can go into those areas to fight the enemy or not. That is your choice. The game supports PvE top to bottom or RvR top to bottom, so I could level all the way up just fighting enemies or level up just fighting monsters and doing quests.

We found with Camelot, those are the solid hard core people who really, really love the game. Building that in from the bottom to the top is really the way to go for us. It’s not like we bolted on the PvP afterwards and called it good. It’s been done from day one that way.

Solo players can level all the way up.

We are bringing people in slowly but surely in batches [for the beta]. The next big phase will be fallish when we let in tons and tons of people and it will be a little bit more open.

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