Thursday, August 02, 2007

King of Fighters MIRA

Got a couple videos here, for King of Fighters MIRA, which I hesitate to call the latest addition to the King of Fighters franchise because it feels completely alien to that line. A major part of the KoF experience was the artistry put into the 2D sprites. For many, it was the 2D fighter that outshone 3D fighters... but in making the transition to the third dimension, a lot of the artistic love seems to have gone out of the characters. They look a lot more generic now, the little details don't come across. In fact, some of them look downright unremarkable. The gameplay itself looks like a bunch of new characters for DOA, really. Speaking of, I did have to chuckle when I noticed that Mai Shiranui's breast physics made the transition largely unscathed.

I guess we'll have to see whether the beloved (by many, if not particularly by me) "SNK Groove" feeling of play makes the transition as well, or if the gameplay feels like just another 3D fighter.

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