Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Warhammer Online Q&As

At PAX, Warcry got a few questions in - these questions in specific -

WarCry: Last we heard, you had the Greenskins and Dwarves playable in the beta, and that was it. Has that expanded yet?
WarCry: We hear a lot about these great public quests. Is there only one per zone, or many in each area?
WarCry: Public quests are designed for a lot of players working together. Are the encounters dynamic or scalable? What happens in a few months when there aren't very many players in the newbie area? Can a player then still do a public quest?
WarCry: What kind of rewards are there for public quests? What's the point of doing them over normal quests?
WarCry: Can you explain a bit about how exactly the Morale system works? How do you gain it and use it?
WarCry: So we have seen the Orcapult working in game now, are any other siege weapons in the game yet?
And MMO-Gamer talks to WO's Online Combat and Career Lead Adam Gershowitz, to tell us about what he does and why you should jump ship to Warhammer Online.

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