Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My First Computer Game Ever

This was the first computer game I ever owned. My Grandpa Bill gave it to me on a 5 1/4" floppy in 1983 or so. It was he who set me down the gamer path to this day. Thanks, Grandpa Bill.

Mobygames says about the game -

A set of 8 (TEN! -G.B.) games that are designed to be played on the original IBM PC computer of the time. Most games are replicas of other popular games from the early 80s, such as a Moon Lander and a Pac-Man clone. Everything uses ASCII graphics, so it even works on the MDA adapter. Of course, an easy-to-access Boss Key is included and it pops up a nice histogram with Friendlysoft-related data.
Screenshots -

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