Wednesday, August 01, 2007

IBM Decides Common Sense Isn't So Common In Virtual Worlds

The fellas over at IBM are discovering corollaries to Gabe's Greater Internet F%#@wad Theory. They're having some problems, or think they might at some point, with the conduct of their representatives in the "former internet orgy of underaged prostitution and gambling turned showcase for corporate publicity and big brother" known as Second Life.

All I find myself doing is snorting derisively, but as Morpheus said, "how is that different from any other day?"

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Psyclone said...

I always thought that "Web 2.0" would inevitably lead to the creation of some kind of Internet Gestapo. When Second Life showed up, I knew that would be the breaking point. Now all we can do is hope they know when to stop (which they probably won't).

Welcome to Web 19.84