Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Check Your Purchase from CompUSA Before You Leave

Cause apparently, if this Boingboing article is correct, sometimes they're selling Rockses-in-a-Boxes.


Psyclone said...

Don't you mean "Boxorz-o-Roxorz"?



Gas Bandit said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, best console.

Actually, Rock-in-a-Box was a term I learned back in high school, working for Best Buy back in Colorado. The term was usually about somebody who would buy something (a TV or DVD player or some other expensive device that can be carried by one person), get it home, take it out, and put a large rock back in the box of approximately the same weight, surrounded by styro-peanuts so it wouldn't roll around.

Then they'd tape/shrinkwrap the whole thing back up as expertly as possible and return it.

The first time or so this happened, the customer service dept didn't bother to check INSIDE the box, so they just put it back on the shelf at a slight discount.

Then somebody bought that discounted item, got it home, and came back very mad.

That's why it's now Best Buy policy to open every single item being returned, whether it looks like it has been opened or not.

Remind me some other time, and I'll tell you about my adventures in shrinkwrapping returned items and passing them off as new WITHOUT a discount :P Yep, they used to do that. Can't say if they do any more... but I check my purchases very thoroughly now.