Monday, June 25, 2007

Frets On Fire

Thanks be to bluesnews, on which I discovered Frets On Fire, an open source Guitar Hero clone for windows, linux and mac. You can use keyboard, or if you have an adapter you can even use the guitar controllers from the console version. It can also import songs from GH or from online, or you can make them yourself with the built-in editor. Nice.

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Gas Bandit said...

As a followup, I want to warn people against downloading the big "song pack" torrents available out there. The quality of the work done on the fretting of the songs is extremely hit or miss, and the difficulty is often mismatched. Some of the songs out there have frets on them completely out of step or worse with the song, and some of the "easy" songs have fretwork that uses all five frets in a difficult fashion, while some of the "amazing" ones are actually pretty easy.

I recommend either just importing the GH songs themselves (which takes about 4 hours, I've read) or picking and choosing from the few over at, as they seem to be higher quality than most.