Sunday, June 24, 2007

Warhammer Online Q&A

From Ten Ton Hammer, a Q&A session with Erik Morgensen, Games Workshop's licensing manager, and they chewed the fat.

Ten Ton Hammer: Games Workshop has a lot on its plate this summer, how have things been going on your end with Warhammer Online as we near the Beta phase of the game?

Erik: ‘Very well’ is the short answer! I suppose it might be a bit boring to hear by now, but the approvals process continues to run as smoothly as ever. EA Mythic and GW continue to work closely together on every aspect of the game and I still say ‘yes’ to vastly more material than I have to turn away. The dev team have truly ‘gotten’ Warhammer and have become experts in their own right. It certainly makes my life easier!

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