Wednesday, May 23, 2007

DirectX 10 Circlejerk

Oy. I guess I wasn't the only one confused by the DX10 benchmarks. Get a gander at this article over at PC Perspective. Here's a blurb:

While neither company would really come out and say it, both NVIDIA and AMD are hoping that the idea will come across that the other "cheated" in each particular DX10 benchmark scenario. AMD kept the "Juarez" demo from performing up to the level it could on NVIDIA hardware and NVIDIA kept the "Lost Planet" demo from running properly on AMD hardware; or at least that’s what the general reader might gather from all of this.
All this is only furthering my opinion that I was right to hold off building my next box until the DX10 duststorms settle. Sure. I keep telling myself that. I'm holding off because of the Vid Card Wars, not because of the benjamins I burned in the cruiseship casino 2 weeks go. >_<

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