Thursday, May 10, 2007

Starcraft MMO? Well, yay, but, why?

Boy, seems I missed a lot, being out at sea.

Well, it is semi-official now, blizzard's doin' the Starcraft MMO thang. Which puzzles me. Blizzard's already got the MMO market cornered with World of Warcraft. No other MMO is even coming close. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see the market growing a whole lot in the next couple years, which means that when World of Starcraft (or whatever they will call it) comes out the title to probably suffer most will be WoW. It doesn't make sense to cut into your own market share.

Well, of course, it could all be a hoax, or maybe just's way of stirring up page hits. After all, they don't identify, much less link, their sources. So it could all be smoke and mirrors that doesn't even have anything to do with Blizzard. I guess maybe we'll find out come May 19th or so.

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