Friday, May 11, 2007

Interview with Cryptic, Re: Marvel MMO

The fellas over at Ten Ton Hammer have put up a little interview they've had with Victor Wachter and Shayne Herrera, about what they're working on for the Marvel Comics licensed superhero MMO. It's starting to sound good to me.

I must admit, when I first heard of the idea, I thought they were reinventing the wheel, what with City of Heroes and City of Villains already out by the same company. But after having played CoV, I think there's a lot they could have done with the superhero MMO that they just didn't have the resources for. With Marvel backing the enterprise, they could afford to kick that gawdoffal engine they're using to the curb and get something more fluid and less resource hoggish. Maybe expand on what they did right (and they did a great deal right), and improve in areas they got wrong. And it can't hurt to have some major Marvel IPs on the box.

Like I said.. starting to sound better and better to me.

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