Saturday, May 26, 2007

Something's Rotten in Space-Denmark

So you think you have a rough time in your MMO of choice? At least your game's dev team isn't colluding with a player guild to give them the keys to the castle, so to speak. That seems to be what is going on over in EvE Online.

I caught this one over at Lum the Mad's blog. Apparently the company who runs EvE, CCP, also has an in-game entity consisting of developers for policing the game and advancing RP events. Apparently further, some CCP employees were in game, making all "nicey-nicey/teacher's pet/twinky twinky/on the take" with a guild (called Corporations in EvE) called BoB (short for Band of Brothers), and when the "dirty cops" realized a "clean cop" was in the area and saw everything they were doing, they got him fired, banned, blacklisted, and metaphorically tossed out into the street.

Dramatic stuff, huh. Well, turns out there's been this kind of corrupt behavior before, uncovered by a guy going by the handle of kugutsumen. So when Mr. Clean Cop is done picking himself up off the curb and brushing off the dust, he finds kugutsumen and tells him the whole sordid story.

So k-dawg does his thing, and now there's a tremendous stink(1 2 3 4) going on about CCP once again getting caught cheating inside their own game. Nasty stuff.

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