Saturday, May 19, 2007

NetDevil Doesn't Get It

This doesn't encourage me for the Lego MMO.

NetDevil's mucketymucks think that the reason AutoAssault did so poorly is because of a genre familiarity disconnect. IE, people don't intrinsically know which is better: Nanosteel or Plastisteel. And that unfamiliarity scared away allllll their customers. Right.

It couldn't be because they took a novel action-MMO concept, stuck it in the performance furnace with the heat too low, and then hammered the semi-malleable ingot into one of the most tedious exp-grinds I've ever played, could it? Surely not. No, it had to be because computer nerds are uncomfortable with learning new fictional technobabble. Cause, you know, everybody knew what the hell a chroniton particle was before Star Trek TNG came along.

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