Monday, May 14, 2007

Well, I guess I have to get a Wii now, dammit.

The next SoulCalibur game has been announced as a Wii-exclusive. Only this time, it's not a 1-on-1 fighter but a 3rd Person platform fighter like the Bard's Tale remake or any other number of "you against a jillion weaklings and some bosses" games.

Now, some may not like that, but I think it could be good. Back in SoulCalibur (the first one, the Dreamcast one, which was really Soul Edge 2), there was a lot of plot potential that was left fallow in favor of a more streamlined, arcade-like experience. I was disappointed when SC2 even further eschewed plot, even though it was an even greater step up from the previous title in every other way.

So this one looks like it will follow the exploits of Siegfried (Mr. Gigantic Zweihander himself). This only makes sense to me, as the transition from Soul Edge to SoulCalibur seemed to indicate that the game's canon dictated that it was Siegfried who defeated the pirate Cervantes, and then subsequently lost his soul to the sword to become Nightmare. The fact that Nightmare is still in SoulCalibur 2 furthers that canon, though I believe (I didn't play it) that SC3 has Siegfried break free. So, it isn't clear whether the new game will be a retelling of the plot from the beginning of the franchise, or pick up from where SC3 left off.

Well, at least the Wii is the cheapest of the 3 new consoles, I s'pose.

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