Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Five Broken Promises of Windows Vista

A little rundown of some of the ways Vista isn't all we were told it would be. Like I've been telling you for months.

I use it daily, but I also use it with the full knowledge that it's a pre-service pack 1 OS from the boys in Redmond. That necessarily means it will have glitches, bugs, and annoyances. That's a given.

I'm willing to put up with all those headaches, certainly more so than Jim Louderback. But there were several things I was really looking forward to in Vista that are simply missing in action or broken. These are features I'd really hope would improve my productivity and make life a little easier.


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PPMcBiggs said...

All this whining about Vista has me irritated. These are the same complaints that people have every time an MS OS is released. "Things work different! Things look different! I have to reboot! It's slow! I'm lost! My butt hurts!"

As a former network technician I can tell you that since the days of the Windows 98 to Windows 2000 upgrade I have heard this same crap. I still hear it. "I aint gonna use that XP windas. Aint nuthin right in it. My windas 98 works just fine!"


Just take some time to get used to it and you will like it. It may not be perfect but unfortunately you wont have a choice for long. Maybe it wasn't necessary to change the way things look or change the way you get things done, but one of the major reasons for a new OS is to make some fundamental, low-level changes to better support new hardware, new software and even new thoughts about computing.

I know Vista is not perfect now, in fact XP is much more "perfect" for this moment in time, but as time goes on I think Vista and its users will adapt to each other and it will move closer to being perfect. Just think about it. Would Windows 98 be a viable OS at all at this moment? Would Windows 2000? The answers are, absolutely not and not even close.

People just have to realize that technology is constantly changing. At some point they are going to have to change with it for their own good.

Everyone just stop whining and lets move on.

Gas Bandit said...

The guy has some very legitimate gripes about vista, though. But, people should be used to waiting for the first Service Pack or two by now, for Microsoft Products. After all, Windows 95 wasn't worth a damn until SP2, Windows 98 had problems until SE, and Windows XP was a nightmare until SP1.

For all my vista bitching, I'm pretty much certain that the precedent will hold, and Vista SP1 will probably address most concerns.