Friday, September 07, 2007

Zero Punctuation Bioshock Review

I was seriously considering writing a bioshock review, even after all the posts I've made about it thus far, but then I saw this British guy do it better than I ever could, expressing just about every opinion I have on the matter save for the awful things I've already said.

So... go watch this.

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Anonymous said...

Not having played SystemShock2 (at least at any level conscious enough to remember it), I have to say I thought this game was pretty good.

My wife happened to purchase it for me, and I was feeling brave enough behind my walls of anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-can't-can't-really-fuckup-my-PC-permanently software packages I have installed that I'd risk the installation even in spite of all the bad press and such.

Install wasn't that difficult, and apparently they patched the copy protections so that it's not that retarded, or my second try at registering shielded me from it, anyway, the install went smooth.

I started playing. Now I don't know if I missed some theatrical opener somehow, but pretty much the game starts with you in a crashing plane, which I rather resent. I mean, if it were really me in the crashing plane I'd either be trying to pilot the fucker, or finding a way to jump out before being incased in several tons of aluminum, but anyway I digress.

I swim around figure out I want to swim to that building thingie and "tadah" I start the game.

This game was very much "on rails" but for me that's not much of a problem as long as there's a good story with plot and good voice acting, and there was plenty of it once I got into the undersea city.

The controls are pretty much standard, weapons choices are nicely mixed and the plasmid based stuff was neat as well.

Over all, I had a damn good time and only ran into one or two tedious "quests", like the "artist" sequence and then after finishing that the "reward" was rather anti-climactic, but other than I'd rate this game A solid, or at the very lowest a high B.

It's a good, fun, entertaining game.

Dimento Graven