Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Operating System Contradiction

Get a load of this. Found it (as I do so much else) on Bluesnews-
Vista Pushes Linux into Primetime
Linux Community Issues Push Beginners Back To Windows

Vista's so bad, it's leading people who otherwise would never dream of such to say "well, let's see what this Linux hubbub is all about maybe."

I can only imagine my dear old Dad then trying to compile his own Linux kernel... it makes me sad and want to call him and offer to install XP for him if he'll just buy me the plane ticket.

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PPMcBiggs said...

I am glad you posted these two articles next to each other. It shows that people can report whatever they want to push their agenda.

There are problems with every OS. Even linux. For professional reasons I have installed linux a couple times and messed around with it for a couple weeks. It was cool, it worked. At least for what I could come up with to make it do. My problem with it was software support. I play a lot of games, linux doesn't. That is a big problem. Support is also an issue. Nothing was really that hard to do but asking for help went something like this:

Location: Linux IRC channel anywhere
Me: Hey guys, total n00b here. How do I install an actual specific driver for my video card?
RTFM n00b! Go back to winblows!

Me: Hey guys, total n00b here. How do I search for a string inside files from the command line?
man grep idiot! Go back to winblows!

Wow. The linux community is so warm and helpful I pray every night that I will someday be cool enough to be accepted into their society of tolerance and equality.

Windows has problems too. I know that and admit it. Shit I have problems with Frets on Fire from time to time and it is a 30meg game. But at least I know I can get whatever software I need/want. At least I know that there is an awesome website for support if it pukes on itself, or even if it does something a little weird.

Some may think that I am linux bashing and I am an MS zealot but the simple fact is Windows does what I need it to and linux doesn't. If I could get all my games/software to work in linux it would be a much stronger contender for my desktop. Some may say that all the software is written for windows because that is the biggest market and the only reason it's the biggest market is because of microsofts monopolistic practices. Maybe. Probably. But if Windows really sucks as bad as some people want you to believe there would be a shift to something else better.

What is better?