Monday, September 24, 2007

Vista Graphics Driver Support Getting Better

At release, Vista was having some serious problems keeping performance up to par with XP on the same machine. Seems over the last 7 months, both AMD (ATI) and Nvidia have been busy little bees, making improvements to the vista drivers. While still taking a little bit of a hit (most seemed to be somewhere between 5-10%), the performance of each set of cards seem to be a whole lot closer than they used to.

Also, reading between the lines of the conclusion there, it seems that Nvidia imperialism is definitely in full swing... as many of the benchmark games aren't even supported for CrossFire at this point, but SLI is available for pretty much all of them. I hope AMD gets their rears in gear at some point... even though they've treated me pretty badly lately, I still want there to be competition for Nvidia. A monopoly is never good for the consumer. Competition is essential for keeping prices low and features rich.

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