Sunday, September 09, 2007

Horizons Billing Issues

Man, am I glad I never fell into the trap of playing this overhyped monstrosity. From Bluesnews -

The Horizons community forums offer another twist in the quite twisted tale of Horizons: Empire of Istaria, the MMORPG that's had nearly as many owners as players since it was developed. You may recall the last installment in this soap opera involved the latest transfer of the game, from EI Interactive to Virtrium, LLC (story), and how Virtrium had already replaced EI Interactive's insecure billing method with a new system. Unfortunately it seems the old billing system makes up for its lack of safety measures with a degree of relentlessness, as the post states El is failing to transfer subscriptions to Virtrium, and is still billing folks for a game they no longer run. As for the game side of this, word is: "This does nothing to affect Horizons moving forward. It's taken a lot of time, energy and money to reach this point, and it's good that we can now move forward. In fact, we can stop putting energy into this issue and put that effort into Horizons." As far as those still being unfairly billed, they outline a course of action to follow
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