Monday, September 24, 2007

Nintendo Power Magazine Changes Publishers

Up till now, Nintendo Power magazine has been an in-house production of Nintendo of America. Now, it seems a company called Future US, Inc. is taking the reins.

When I was just a little Bandit, I remember first getting the "Nintendo Fun Club Newsletter" which then sort of morphed into Nintendo Power. The first Nintendo Power had Super Mario Brothers 2 on the cover (the second had Castlevania 2, if I recall. I bet I still have both in a box somewhere). Nintendo Power was what clued me in to the Tetris explosion. Nintendo Power was my official monthly periodical until well into Jr. High, and I only stopped reading (and subscribing) then because all the articles were starting to be about SNES games, and I didn't have an SNES.

It kinda tickles me to know it's still around.

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