Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Think I'm Tired of Star Wars.

I may have to turn in my geekery license for this, but I can't drum up any enthusiasm for the latest Star Wars game.

Remember when Lucasarts made more games than just Star Wars games? Remember Monkey Island? Indiana Jones? Maniac Mansion? Zack McCracken? Full Throttle? Grim Fandango? Sam & Max (though they've made a combat, I'll admit)? Thems was fun times, weren't they?

Maybe it's just because I'm tired of witnessing George Lucas, or one of his licensees, take a big stinky shit in a cardboard box, slap a picture of a wookie on the outside, and ship a million units (one of whom goes to me, because it's Star Wars so I have to buy it, right?). I guess I'm just glad that Episode 3 wrapped up on a decent quality note, but it couldn't erase two terrible movies, a bajillion overhyped and overexposed novels, and a smattering of games which, at best, can be described as hit or miss. It's gotten to the point that I don't even think that, if it were rereleased using modern engines and hardware, I'd even want to play what was once my favoritest PC game franchise of all time, the X-Wing/Tie Fighter series. I'm just that tired of it.

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